Great websites and Facebook pages with tons of information, ideas and inspiration. This is an ever-building list, so check back for updates!

Career Info

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook  Much love for the BLS.
  • O*Net Online  In-depth info on careers.
  • The Hamilton Project   I could play here for hours!
  • Aspiring Mormon Women is written by a bunch of–you guessed it–Mormon women with big aspirations. Awesome info for women and girls about careers, education, and life. Mormon or not, it’s good content. Like their Facebook page to get tons of great articles and info about events.

Girl  Power

  • A Mighty Girl    Make sure to like their Facebook page to get awesome doses of girl powered goodness.
  • “Malala Fund”  Facebook page. Only weirdos don’t love Malala!
  • “10×10 Girl Rising”  Facebook page. They have an amazing documentary you can watch too!

Education & Learning

  • Kids Discover Online    SO much great content to satisfy curious minds. There is a free subscription and extras you can pay for.
  • Khan Academy   Whether you need help studying for a class, test prep or just want to learn–Khan is the place to be! You can get help from kindergarten through college!
  • Bozeman Science I just found this YouTube channel while doing my own homework for Speech Pathology. His videos are easily understood and fun. Yay for making science fun!




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