Surprise, life is expensive!

When I was a little younger, my noble self thought, “It doesn’t matter what I make as long as I make a difference and do something I love. I don’t need to be rich.”

How sweet. And stupid.

If only I’d realized there were a lot of options that could have been fulfilling and made a good income. Baller status income, even. [Also, the fact that I used the word “baller” should indicate that I’m getting older. I may or may not also use the term “mack daddy” occasionally.]

But still cool. Via Imgur

But still cool.
Via Imgur

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Are all degrees created equal?

One statement I hear alllll the time is, “It doesn’t matter what degree you get, just get a degree.” It’s a message that comes from a lot of places, including parents, older siblings, ill-informed friends, people who are currently in college who have never actually had a career, etc. Even that new University of Phoenix commercial touts, “A degree is a degree.”

To that, I give you Dwight Schrute:

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Career Research Tools

This is where I admit to one of my favorite websites:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics site.

proud nerd

Who am I kidding? Of course I’m proud of that. I’m awesome.

Honestly though, I have spent a lot of time on that thing. Specifically in its Occupational Outlook Handbook. For a person like me who randomly loves to research careers and education, it’s a gold mine of information. Continue reading