Relationships: 4 stressors from work and school

Last Tuesday I was checking my work mailbox and approached three of our business professors. The oldest had a snarky look about him as he watched the youngest of the three, who is just a little older than me. The youngest looked at me, raised his hands over his and said–quite distressed–”Brangelina is OVER!”

As I walked away laughing, I reflected on the lovely little spat my husband and I had that morning. FYI–it wasn’t lovely. It was quite stupid, actually, and left us both feeling frustrated and angry at the other. By this point in the morning, we had already talked and gotten over it, so I had some clearer vision as I reviewed what had happened.

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Daycare Guilt

My husband is on his way to take our baby to daycare for the first time.

Ugh. I have such mixed feelings about this.

I never thought I would take my kids to daycare. I wasn’t exactly in the “I’m not going to have kids so someone else can raise them” camp, because hello, nobody says that about teachers. I don’t know of anyone that drops their kid off all day so they can go re-live their pre-mommy days.

Buuut….I also have a fear of bad people. When I was pregnant and just after having her, I swear there was a daycare horror story on the news every freaking week. I won’t share them here because I don’t want to scare anyone else and I’m sure you’ve heard the stories anyways. Seriously, though, it was like the universe was telling me to never leave my baby. Ever. Continue reading

Are Online Classes Right for You?

Technology in education is continuing to grow and is undeniably here to stay. Definitely not a bad thing when used well! Online education itself has grown tremendously. Whether you have a tricky work schedule, hate sitting in a lecture, live in a remote area, or have one of a number of other reasons–online classes may be your ticket to higher education. Not every option is worth your time and money, though.There are a few things to consider before you sign up with the first commercial you see.

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Why Intern?

Internships. That’s so college of you.

I’m sure you’ve heard of them, but do you really know what they are? Other than free labor? Or getting coffee for people? Or their dry cleaning?

That’s what movies make you think they are, but they’re wrong.

Well, maybe you know someone who has had that experience, but they don’t have to be that way.

For me, internships helped me to either confirm that I did like something or realize that I really didn’t like something. Continue reading

Degree Profile: Public Relations

Move across the country with an infant. Check.

Start school during the move. Check.

Be broke college students again. Check.

Life is good. Check.

Allllrighty then.

It’s been busy. I’m hoping to not be a writing failure and get something up here at least once a week. Now that we have a little better handle on our schedules it looks like I can manage that. Hopefully. Until something new happens again.

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Never Too Late

One nice thing about having my father-in-law work at my alma mater is that when we go in town to visit, it always includes a stop at our old stomping grounds. We’ve been in town almost a week and on our first day drove down to campus for a visit. It was the first day of school! I graduated in 2011, but I feel like I could slip back into school and campus life so easily. I’m not so far removed from this all, right?

Then we stepped foot on campus and I saw my first undergraduate and realized, “dang, I’m old.” Continue reading

5 Reasons to Attend Community College

Admit it, Community made you seriously reconsider your plans of starting off at a university so you could have as cool of a group as they did.


Admit it, you want to be their friends.

With all of the education options, it can be hard to figure out the right route for yourself. I decided to attend community college and loved my experience there. Of course there are pros and cons to any choice, but I wanted to point out some of the big pro’s for attending a community college first. Continue reading