Motivate Me Monday: Working Helps us Parent Together

Some things just make me really grateful for my role as a working mom.

This morning as I was getting dressed, my daughter was playing in our closet. She started saying, “Hi Dad!” a few times, so I looked to see what she was doing. My husband had given her his old wallet to play with when he got a new  one. He put in some old cards and I.D.’s so she could play with them instead of ripping everything out of mine. There, sitting in our closet, was our almost two-year-old with the wallet open, staring at an I.D. with a picture of her daddy. Continue reading


Motivate Me Monday: I Owe Them

Since people tend to hate Mondays for some reason, it’s nice to start off the week feeling motivated. Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always legit.


In December I started a job working as a high school assistant secretary. It’s part-time and I pretty much just write passes for a couple of hours a day. Nice and not stressful for the most part. Our office is in the same area as all of the administrators and school counselors, so all the kids that get in trouble end up walking by me. Holy hormonal teenagers. I kind of oscillate between wanting to tell them to grow up and wanting to give them a big hug and let them know people do love them. Continue reading