Surprise, life is expensive!

When I was a little younger, my noble self thought, “It doesn’t matter what I make as long as I make a difference and do something I love. I don’t need to be rich.”

How sweet. And stupid.

If only I’d realized there were a lot of options that could have been fulfilling and made a good income. Baller status income, even. [Also, the fact that I used the word “baller” should indicate that I’m getting older. I may or may not also use the term “mack daddy” occasionally.]

But still cool. Via Imgur

But still cool.
Via Imgur

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Scholarship Basics

Who doesn’t love free money, am I right?

Okay, so I firmly believe in working for your money and not being a mooch. But scholarships are where my tune changes. Why? Because people want to give you their money! They have set up funds in order to give you money so you can go to school. How great is that?


I wish she’d call me and say that

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“Free Education” is not the answer

Have you seen this video yet?

To sum it up, this group has three demands: free public school tuition, student loan forgiveness, and $15 and hour minimum wage on campus.

Though I’m not a fan of Fox news, this guy is spot on. Who the heck is going to pay for all of that? Why is it someone else’s responsibility? I understand this girl’s frustration with the cost of education–probably more than she does since I’m actually in the process of paying off my loans. I absolutely believe in helping others and asking for help when it is needed, but not as a permanent solution or as a way for me to not have to work for my success. There are a ton of things in the educational system that need help, but I do not think those demands will fix this. I do have a few ideas that I think could help some higher education problems.

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