Food on a Budget, part 2

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If you didn’t see it on my Instagram, we found out last week that we’re having another girl! We are so excited! I’m so happy that our daughter will get a little sister, she will be such a great big sis to her. Yes, I already want to pull out all of the baby clothes and dream of putting this new little one in them. Yes, I am already imagining making them dress alike. And yes, I am aware of the future drama. Bring it on, though, because! I’m sure I’ll talk your ears off about this before she comes, so I’ll just get to why you came here today. FOOOOD!

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Food for Broke College Students

Do you know how some things just really unite people? Maybe it’s a race in support of a disease, a fundraiser to help a family in need, or one of those things you see in the news where everyone sends a “Happy Birthday” message to the 4th-grader who doesn’t feel like he has any friends. I love that stuff. It’s very John Donne “No man is an island” type stuff.

Do you know what else really unites people?

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