Things that Come Up with Two Kids in Daycare

You know what’s harder than putting a kid in daycare?

Putting two kids in daycare.

We had a great experience with daycare in Washington, but moving and adding a second kid into the mix has been quite the challenge. And since I feel like we’ve had to figure this out on our own, I love sharing all our daycare adventures with everyone.

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I brought my baby to work for 3 weeks!

Remember that one time I took my baby to work with me for three weeks? Yes, you read that right, she was my little assistant for a while! Taking her with me was a wonderful opportunity. It had it’s challenges, but I can’t help but feel like I belong to a small group of crazy lucky parents. I’ve never been in a workplace with a baby around and it was fun to see how much she brightened everyone’s day. There were lots of baby smiles, a few cries, and some new experiences–like nursing in front of my superiors. Here’s a little insight to what those three weeks were like for me.

That time I took my baby to work with me

Documenting Day 1 of baby at work.

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Friday Five

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One of my secret dreams is to one day have a shop as part of this website. Full of things that promote strong women, of course! I want to share all the great things I find, my kids play with, and read with you all! Until that day comes, I’ll just have to share those things with you another way. I’ll be posting these Friday Five’s and include a little info about them and links to where to purchase them (if applicable) or where to read/watch the info if it’s an article or video.

Here’s your first edition of the Friday Five!

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Two Kids: the First Two Weeks

Heaven help us, we have two kids!

If you saw my Instagram, you may have noticed that we had quite the busy week before and after baby girl #2 arrived. In a nutshell, here was our life those two weeks:

Graduation. Broken toddler foot. Back labor. Baby! Spinal headache. Blood patch. Spinal headache. Blood patch. ER trip for newborn who got whacked in the head by sister’s cast. Aaand spinal headache. Blood patch. Bed rest. Continue reading

30 Lessons for 30 Years

It’s about to get thirty, flirty and thriving up in here.

Totally. Via Giphy

I’ve never been scared of turning 30. I have always enjoyed hitting age milestones and this is no different. Okay, it may have been nicer to not be 40 pounds heavier on my 30th birthday, but having a baby is pretty cool, so I can’t complain. Continue reading

Motivate Me Monday: Working Helps us Parent Together

Some things just make me really grateful for my role as a working mom.

This morning as I was getting dressed, my daughter was playing in our closet. She started saying, “Hi Dad!” a few times, so I looked to see what she was doing. My husband had given her his old wallet to play with when he got a new  one. He put in some old cards and I.D.’s so she could play with them instead of ripping everything out of mine. There, sitting in our closet, was our almost two-year-old with the wallet open, staring at an I.D. with a picture of her daddy. Continue reading