6 Things that get us out the door on time

You guys, yesterday morning had me belting out “It’s like raaiiiiaaiiinnnnn on your wedding day!” alone in the car. No joke, I’ve been preparing to share what I’ve been doing to get out the door on time and then yesterday happened. Things went pretty good until we were about 3 minutes away from daycare when I heard it. The cough that signals that my toddler is about to throw up. And oh.mah.gersh. throw up she did. She was covered from mouth to shoes. My poor little carsick-prone child. I’ll spare you the gory details, but by the time I got her cleaned off, in class and then dealt with the car seat, I was 30 minutes late to work. Alanis was right, it’s a little too ironic. Continue reading

Kate: Professor

One of the things I love about being a woman is how much we can support each other. I’m part of a couple “mom” groups on Facebook, where moms ask questions, offer support, and share funny stories. Through that I came in contact with Kate, and she graciously agreed to fill us in on her life as a university professor, a wife, a mom, and a pretty cool human. Reading her story gives me all the nerdy academic counselor good vibes, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

kate_-professor Continue reading

The Eulogy I’ll Never Get to Give

Nervously, I asked, “How do I repair a relationship when the other person doesn’t want to or can’t?”

“You mourn the loss, so you can move on. And if you can’t, then you come see me.”

That conversation has been on my mind for a few months. I had attended an event with the women’s organization at my church, where a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist was presenting on strengthening and repairing the various relationships in our lives. The whole time she spoke about repairing damaged relationships, I thought about my grandma.

We recently lost my grandma to manipulation. We were helpless as people she should have been able to trust took advantage of her age and vulnerability. Eventually, it ended in my grandma disowning our family. I miss her terribly. Continue reading

Differences as a Returning Student

It’s 2a.m., I’m covered in barf, and I have a test tomorrow.

Mid-week sorority party?

More like everyday life as a student with a baby.

This is my second go-around at school. I finished my Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2011 and after a few years of soul-searching and re-evaluating life plans, I am now taking prerequisite courses in Communication Disorders so I can get into a Speech Pathology graduate program. I was a little nervous to go back to school, specifically because now I have a family. I knew it would be different–harder–but I could not have anticipated just how different it would be. Continue reading

What I Learned from Firing People

It’s time. Your hands are clammy. Crazy nervous. Deep breath for courage. One more throat clear so your voice doesn’t crack. Then you drop the bomb: “We’ve decided to let you go.”

The worst part about being a manager is firing people. I can handle a fair amount of pressure and responsibility, but oh how I hate firing people! Have you ever had to “fire” a volunteer? That’s just mortifying. Unfortunately, anyone in a management role has to face this unpleasant part of their job. As a recent college grad in my first management position, it was particularly challenging for me. Now a few years removed, I appreciate very much what it taught me and how those lessons shaped me as both an employee and leader.

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Why Do You Set Goals?


“I’m getting an education so that if my husband ever dies or leaves me, I can provide for myself.”

“I have to get good grades or my parents will kill me.”

“I’m working a lot because I’m terrified of being poor.”

“I’m working out so I can lose weight and get asked out more.”

Do any of these sound familiar? I’ll admit I have said most of these, even if just to myself. Now, getting an education, getting good grades, working and exercising are all positive things, but all of these thoughts make them sound like a drag. What if we rephrased them? Continue reading