Monday High Five, week 5

Coming off a great weekend into your Monday is pretty spectacular. We had so much fun! Birthday party, my baby started giving us kisses. she took her first steps, we got outside a lot with good weather, and the teenagers in the Sunday School class I teach gave me less blank stares than normal. All in all–pretty successful! It was not hard to think of my high five moments at all!

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The Best Snacks to Pack for Work

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Raise your hand if your snack stash at work consists of a candy jar and/or chocolate drawer…

Hey, I don’t judge, I totally get that. Just today I was wishing I had a chocolate drawer because a Kit Kat bar sounded real good.

Like most good people, I love food. It’s a great human unifying force. There are memories attached to specific food and smells, we celebrate with food, we have family bonding time over food, and a healthy dose of competition at church chili cookoff’s. Continue reading

What to look for in a great daycare

There are few things I dislike more than trying to find new childcare.

We have these adorable babies, spend hours with them all day and night, love them, teach them, learn their quirks and how to handle them, and then we send them to someone else for several hours a day and hope that person will treat them with love and kindness.

It is an agonizing process that has reduced me to tears more than once.

Because I want my kids to be safe, cared for, and have fun. Is that too much to ask?

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How to survive becoming a full-time working mom

We have officially evaded the apocalypse and survived my first month as a full-time working mom!

We’re not exactly going from calm to chaos at our house. More like chaos to new chaos. We’ve had a busy few years with several moves, two maternity leaves, school, and multiple jobs.

Even with a history of consistent change, going from one kid and working 20 hours a week to two kids and working full-time in another new state–all within 10 months–felt like a lot.

In general, transitioning to a two full-time working parent family really can feel like the end of days. Because how can this not all fall apart? The physical logistics of it all is nuts. My babies have a laid-back schedule and it’s stressful. What will it be like when they’re older and actually have to leave the house? Ugh, baby steps, Katie. Baby steps.

However, I’m a big believer in having a game plan. If you’re preparing to change your work situation and the accompanying family dynamic change, here are some of the logistical and personal things that have come up with us to help you get ready.

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Monday High Five, week 3

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Time for a weekly recap with the Monday High Five! I’m really enjoying following up on the good things that have happened during the previous week, especially good things related to my big focuses.

But first, this was my Mother’s Day present and it is my favorite. I can only aspire to be the feminist visionary that is Tina Belcher. And God bless my husband for making me watch this show after I told him it was dumb. There are some things he just really knows better.

Tina Belcher is my feminist icon

Tina is #confidencegoals

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The Best Peanut Butter Chocolate Chia Pudding

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Last Fall I attended an HR-sponsored brown bag nutrition workshop about quick and healthy breakfasts. A lot of the stuff I knew and implemented already, but they demo’d how to make chia pudding and gave samples.


I have used  chia in smoothies, but how had I never tried chia pudding before?? It is so dang delicious! These little seeds swell up with liquid to form such a smooth texture that’s packed with protein and fiber. That first bite sold me and I’ve since made them for breakfasts, snacks and dessert.Delicious chocolate peanut butter chia pudding Continue reading