I brought my baby to work for 3 weeks!

Remember that one time I took my baby to work with me for three weeks? Yes, you read that right, she was my little assistant for a while! Taking her with me was a wonderful opportunity. It had it’s challenges, but I can’t help but feel like I belong to a small group of crazy lucky parents. I’ve never been in a workplace with a baby around and it was fun to see how much she brightened everyone’s day. There were lots of baby smiles, a few cries, and some new experiences–like nursing in front of my superiors. Here’s a little insight to what those three weeks were like for me.

That time I took my baby to work with me

Documenting Day 1 of baby at work.

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Motivate Me Monday: Working Helps us Parent Together

Some things just make me really grateful for my role as a working mom.

This morning as I was getting dressed, my daughter was playing in our closet. She started saying, “Hi Dad!” a few times, so I looked to see what she was doing. My husband had given her his old wallet to play with when he got a new  one. He put in some old cards and I.D.’s so she could play with them instead of ripping everything out of mine. There, sitting in our closet, was our almost two-year-old with the wallet open, staring at an I.D. with a picture of her daddy. Continue reading

Jordan: Registered Nurse

Today’s Career Profile is from another nurse! There are so many options available in the nursing field and it is so helpful to see different settings and experiences. Some settings may not be for you, others may be right up your alley. Thanks for another inside look at the nursing world Jordan! Continue reading

Kate: Professor

One of the things I love about being a woman is how much we can support each other. I’m part of a couple “mom” groups on Facebook, where moms ask questions, offer support, and share funny stories. Through that I came in contact with Kate, and she graciously agreed to fill us in on her life as a university professor, a wife, a mom, and a pretty cool human. Reading her story gives me all the nerdy academic counselor good vibes, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

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What I Learned from Firing People

It’s time. Your hands are clammy. Crazy nervous. Deep breath for courage. One more throat clear so your voice doesn’t crack. Then you drop the bomb: “We’ve decided to let you go.”

The worst part about being a manager is firing people. I can handle a fair amount of pressure and responsibility, but oh how I hate firing people! Have you ever had to “fire” a volunteer? That’s just mortifying. Unfortunately, anyone in a management role has to face this unpleasant part of their job. As a recent college grad in my first management position, it was particularly challenging for me. Now a few years removed, I appreciate very much what it taught me and how those lessons shaped me as both an employee and leader.

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