How to survive becoming a full-time working mom

We have officially evaded the apocalypse and survived my first month as a full-time working mom!

We’re not exactly going from calm to chaos at our house. More like chaos to new chaos. We’ve had a busy few years with several moves, two maternity leaves, school, and multiple jobs.

Even with a history of consistent change, going from one kid and working 20 hours a week to two kids and working full-time in another new state–all within 10 months–felt like a lot.

In general, transitioning to a two full-time working parent family really can feel like the end of days. Because how can this not all fall apart? The physical logistics of it all is nuts. My babies have a laid-back schedule and it’s stressful. What will it be like when they’re older and actually have to leave the house? Ugh, baby steps, Katie. Baby steps.

However, I’m a big believer in having a game plan. If you’re preparing to change your work situation and the accompanying family dynamic change, here are some of the logistical and personal things that have come up with us to help you get ready.

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How to Stay Awake at Work

We lovingly refer to our children as the Demon of the Desert and the Terror of the Pacific Northwest.

Even the pediatrician once referred to our baby as a terrorist.


Because sleep is sacred and they rarely let us have any.

I’ll spare you the very sleepy details, but to give you an idea, the majority of nights in the last three years I have woken up hourly. Many of those nights have been more like every 45 minutes. My brain still can’t comprehend that babies need to be taught how to sleep, when it is something that my body and brain absolutely crave. Continue reading

What to tell yourself when “working mom guilt” hits

“Mama, you stay home with me today?”

Ugh, the words that have launched a thousand mom tears. Especially when, instead of saying “me,” they insert the danged adorable pet name you call them.

If there was ever a horrible subset of mom guilt, working mom guilt is it.

Because you have this kid that will scream her head off that she got the green spoon instead of the purple one and make you rejoice that you’ll get 8 hours at work to calm yourself down, but then they come at you with those big eyes asking you to stay and love them.

Those jerks.

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8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Working Mom

There are some things in life that knowing what they’d be like ahead of time would make a huge difference in your choices.

Like that perm in 7th grade.

Or getting tweezer-happy on your eyebrows. Also in 7th grade.

Or wearing puka shell necklaces with everything.

Apparently, 7th grade Katie did not have great long-term vision.

But alas, I survived and moved on to bigger and better and more life-altering decisions. Like going to college, getting married, having a family and building a career. It has been fun, with a hefty share of crazy. Here are some of the big things I wish I had known ahead of time:

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Is Your Job a Banana Stand or a Stepping Stone?

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If Arrested Development taught me anything, it’s that there is always money in the banana stand.

Everyone hated working at the banana stand. Unfortunately for Michael, he burned it down in protest rather than recognize it as an opportunity to better days.  So do you view your jobs as banana stands or stepping stones? Continue reading

I brought my baby to work for 3 weeks!

Remember that one time I took my baby to work with me for three weeks? Yes, you read that right, she was my little assistant for a while! Taking her with me was a wonderful opportunity. It had it’s challenges, but I can’t help but feel like I belong to a small group of crazy lucky parents. I’ve never been in a workplace with a baby around and it was fun to see how much she brightened everyone’s day. There were lots of baby smiles, a few cries, and some new experiences–like nursing in front of my superiors. Here’s a little insight to what those three weeks were like for me.

That time I took my baby to work with me

Documenting Day 1 of baby at work.

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