Books for my 2018 New Year’s Goals

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New Years is always exciting. Not because I party on NYE (not even the slightest interest in staying up until midnight), but because it’s a fresh new start. I don’t know why it feels that way, it really is just another day, but it feels full of hope and excitement for a new year and new plans.

early bedtime for new years

Every year. Via Quickmeme

As I was thinking of goals for the upcoming year, I came to the conclusion that my theme centered around the concept of “refocus.” This year has felt crazier than most, with a trip to D.C., a new baby, leaving my job, leaving Washington, starting a new job, having a really hard semester of classes, my toddler breaking her foot, my husband finishing school–it’s tiring to remember everything we’ve done! I feel like a lot of my relationships have slacked, including with myself. So this year I want to refocus. On me, my marriage, my motherhood, my faith, my goals. Continue reading


30 Lessons for 30 Years

It’s about to get thirty, flirty and thriving up in here.

Totally. Via Giphy

I’ve never been scared of turning 30. I have always enjoyed hitting age milestones and this is no different. Okay, it may have been nicer to not be 40 pounds heavier on my 30th birthday, but having a baby is pretty cool, so I can’t complain. Continue reading

Seasons of Life

Have you seen this meme before?

This makes me laugh because I’ll be 30 in June and frequently forget that I’m not 20. Until I go to work and advise 20 year olds the whole time. Then I’m fully aware that I’m not twenty. I hear them walk by my office talking about pulling all-nighters and my face uncontrollably scrunches and I think, “Whyyyy?” I can’t even stay up until eleven anymore. Nor do I want to. Mostly because sleep is the best. Continue reading

The Eulogy I’ll Never Get to Give

Nervously, I asked, “How do I repair a relationship when the other person doesn’t want to or can’t?”

“You mourn the loss, so you can move on. And if you can’t, then you come see me.”

That conversation has been on my mind for a few months. I had attended an event with the women’s organization at my church, where a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist was presenting on strengthening and repairing the various relationships in our lives. The whole time she spoke about repairing damaged relationships, I thought about my grandma.

We recently lost my grandma to manipulation. We were helpless as people she should have been able to trust took advantage of her age and vulnerability. Eventually, it ended in my grandma disowning our family. I miss her terribly. Continue reading

Why Do You Set Goals?


“I’m getting an education so that if my husband ever dies or leaves me, I can provide for myself.”

“I have to get good grades or my parents will kill me.”

“I’m working a lot because I’m terrified of being poor.”

“I’m working out so I can lose weight and get asked out more.”

Do any of these sound familiar? I’ll admit I have said most of these, even if just to myself. Now, getting an education, getting good grades, working and exercising are all positive things, but all of these thoughts make them sound like a drag. What if we rephrased them? Continue reading

New Year, New Approach

New Year’s is an interesting time of year. Sometimes it can be a grateful, “Thanks for the awesome times!” and sometimes you feel like, “Good riddance, stupid head.” Yeah, there are those years that reduce you to calling it a stupid head. 2016 wasn’t completely like either of those for me. There were absolutely bad and good things that happened. My child doesn’t sleep well so I’m alllways tired, a family member went through a pretty tough divorce that affected all of us, school was pretty tough, and the hardest was dealing with relatives taking advantage of my grandma’s age and vulnerability. Those things were pretty crappy and took a lot out of me. Some still do.


I actually really like New Years, I Just love his eye roll. Via Buzzfeed

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It really has been a long time since I’ve blogged consistently. We’ve dealt with a lot the last couple of months. Baby got pretty sick mid-October, so I stayed home from work and she literally laid on me for 5 days straight. Then there was Halloween, I worked extra every day for 6 weeks (kill me), all three of us got sick, I avoided the internet in general for a week because the election was making me hate everyone, a couple of us got sick again, Thanksgiving, my husband’s first round of clinicals, my daughter went through a big developmental stage and wouldn’t freaking sleep for 5 weeks, and a whole ton of homework for the both of us. I’ve never looked forward to the end of a semester as much as this one! Okay, well, maybe my final semester of undergrad I did because I was getting married three weeks after graduation. But other than that–this one wins the “let’s get this over with already” award.

My response to one of my husband's texts checking up on us during our sick week.

My response to one of my husband’s texts checking up on us during our sick week.

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