Monday High Five, week 8

A few days ago my husband texted me, “You’re going to have a lot to write about on Monday.”

He wasn’t wrong–what a week! We really had a lot of good times and cute things my kids said, but my main focus last week was on dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. It definitely reminded me of how blessed my life is and how things really work together for our good.

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Monday High Five, week 7

I’m really appreciating the time to focus on the good things that happened each week before. I find myself thinking about it on Sunday nights and by the time I get to my Monday lunch break to write this, my brain is full of so many good things and my heart is happy. Overall, I feel like last week provided some opportunities to be gentle with myself and enjoy being with who I was around.

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Monday High Five, week 6

My birthday was yesterday and I turned 31!

The year you’re 30 is more like a transition year to get you used to saying something not in the 20’s, but now I’m officially in my 30’s. It’s like I’m a legit woman now, not just a kid pretending to be an adult.

It’s weird, but it’s good.

So in honor of myself, for today’s Monday High Five I’m going to share a few things I’ve learned during the past year in relation to the topics I write about. Continue reading

Monday High Five, week 5

Coming off a great weekend into your Monday is pretty spectacular. We had so much fun! Birthday party, my baby started giving us kisses. she took her first steps, we got outside a lot with good weather, and the teenagers in the Sunday School class I teach gave me less blank stares than normal. All in all–pretty successful! It was not hard to think of my high five moments at all!

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Monday High Five, week 3

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Time for a weekly recap with the Monday High Five! I’m really enjoying following up on the good things that have happened during the previous week, especially good things related to my big focuses.

But first, this was my Mother’s Day present and it is my favorite. I can only aspire to be the feminist visionary that is Tina Belcher. And God bless my husband for making me watch this show after I told him it was dumb. There are some things he just really knows better.

Tina Belcher is my feminist icon

Tina is #confidencegoals

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