What my Toddler Needs from Me

If I were to write a book about raising toddlers, I’m pretty sure it would be called, “Why the crap are you freaking out now? And other stuff I don’t understand.”

Because toddlers are nuts.

Emotional, but won’t calm down. Tired, but won’t sleep. Hungry, but won’t eat. Love playing in dirt, but heaven help us if her Cream of Wheat touches her hands! Continue reading

Strolling Thunder: Our D.C. Adventure!

I have been really lucky to have had many of those “I can’t believe that happened!” experiences. Some were things I wanted to do as a teenager that I was able to do as I grew up. Some were things I never considered, but kind of just happened. That was last week in D.C. with Zero to Three at Strolling Thunder.


You.Guys. It was great! We got back last Wednesday and I still can’t believe everything that happened just a few days ago. Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect out of this trip. We knew we were going to encourage Congress to “Think Babies” as they consider policy, but still felt really unprepared for what would actually happen. I kind of love that feeling, by the way. Not sure what will happen, but pretty sure it’s going to be awesome. So here are some highlights from the trip: Continue reading

Quality Childcare: Daycare Update & Strolling Thunder

If there ever was a poster child for the “terrified of daycare” mom group, it would be me.

Smalls knows. Via Giphy

Due to our circumstances, we had to turn to daycare so we could eat and stuff, but I struggled with it–a lot. I shared some of my concerns about it in September, as well as an update after a few weeks in there. After about 7 months, I can wholeheartedly say that daycare has been one of the best things we’ve done for our daughter and family. Continue reading

6 Things that get us out the door on time

You guys, yesterday morning had me belting out “It’s like raaiiiiaaiiinnnnn on your wedding day!” alone in the car. No joke, I’ve been preparing to share what I’ve been doing to get out the door on time and then yesterday happened. Things went pretty good until we were about 3 minutes away from daycare when I heard it. The cough that signals that my toddler is about to throw up. And oh.mah.gersh. throw up she did. She was covered from mouth to shoes. My poor little carsick-prone child. I’ll spare you the gory details, but by the time I got her cleaned off, in class and then dealt with the car seat, I was 30 minutes late to work. Alanis was right, it’s a little too ironic. Continue reading

Food on a Budget, part 2

First off, you can now Follow my blog with Bloglovin! Woohoo!

If you didn’t see it on my Instagram, we found out last week that we’re having another girl! We are so excited! I’m so happy that our daughter will get a little sister, she will be such a great big sis to her. Yes, I already want to pull out all of the baby clothes and dream of putting this new little one in them. Yes, I am already imagining making them dress alike. And yes, I am aware of the future drama. Bring it on, though, because I.am.pumped! I’m sure I’ll talk your ears off about this before she comes, so I’ll just get to why you came here today. FOOOOD!

delicious-food Continue reading

How to Support Stay At Home Moms

Last week I wrote about how people can support working moms. As I wrote, I knew that it was only one side of the mom coin. I was lucky to be a stay at home mom for a little while before I started working part-time, and I plan on being a stay at home mom again while my children are small if possible. It’s hard work, so let’s take a look at ways we can support them too! If you read the other post, some of these may sound familiar.

5-ways Continue reading

Having a Toddler is just like Dating Again

I love my daughter. I love the crazy and goofy stuff she does. Once I’ve had an appropriate amount of time to cool off, I even love the stuff that irritates the crap out of me. Recently, she did something that had me thinking, “oh my gosh, I had an old boyfriend do this exact same thing.” Which, of course, made me realize how much my toddler relationship reminds me about dating during my single days. Enjoy, and realize that although you’re a mom, your life is weirdly similar to when you were on your own.


  1. You are never quite sure that they even like you. I mean, is this love for them or convenience? Am I their world, or just a piece of meat/milk?
  2. You’re up all hours of the night with them. It’s just a lot less fun now. A lot less.
  3. Sometimes you’re too scared to change anything because you don’t want to mess it up. If I ask him to meet my family, will he freak out and distance himself? Or, if I scratch my face while holding her, will she have a huge meltdown?
  4. It doesn’t take much to make you feel confused and cry. Did he blow me off on purpose? Should I let her cry it out or go in there and apologize for ruining her life by me trying to sleep?
  5. One day you can barely say goodnight, the next you just need your freaking space. I love you and all, but sometimes I need a night out with my girlfriends. And sometimes I just need to pee without you trying to sit on my lap the whole time.
  6. You find yourself doing all sorts of things you’re not interested in, because they love it. You want me to watch you hypnotize a chicken? Suuure. Daniel Tiger on ice? Sounds amazing.
  7. You don’t want them to see you eating. With dating, I didn’t want them to know that I could down an entire container of Pringles in one sitting. With a toddler, I just want to eat something–anything–without having to share. That requires hiding it.
  8. You say things you never thought you’d say. Like, “I love you,” and “Don’t lick the toilet!”
  9. You change your clothes multiple times before going out. Before, I was trying to find the perfect outfit. Now, I have to change because I got barfed on. And then peed on.
  10. You frequently wonder if you’re ready for a new one or if this is the only one for you. Weekly, if not daily.

I’m sure there are a lot more ways this is true, but lately, these are the ones that come to mind. Even though she drives me crazy, confuses me, and makes me want to sleep for a week straight–I’d still pick her over dating again any day.