7 Fun Ways to Promote Lifelong Learning

Have you ever thought about how much you learn every day?

Whether at work or at home with the kids, I guarantee you are learning a lot.

Psychology and human development from interacting with coworkers and your child dictators. The human body and nutrition from taking care of yourself and your family. New technology from work projects and your kids. Other cultures from clients, neighbors, strangers in the grocery store, students, and your kids’ friends. And yourself as you experience new things.

Even though we are subconsciously learning all the time, it’s important to also be intentional learners.

Learning has benefits to your health, finances, relationships, society at large–and it simply feels good to actively participate in the learning process.

You do not have to go sign up for more college classes to learn, though that’s a huge benefit of community colleges with their cheap tuition! But, you do not need to spend tons on lifelong learning.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to continue learning at any stage of life, so you can make your brain and mind happy your whole life!

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4 Simple Ways to Encourage Other Women

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Casual Friday is a blessed day. Unless you show up for work one day and realize that you’re the only one wearing jeans because you forgot it was the college Christmas party. The very nice party.

If you ever think you´re under-dressed for some occasion, just remember, this is what Justin Bieber wore to meet the Prime Minister

Pretty much me. Via Imgur

So I did what any normal person would do and ran to the campus bookstore and tried on 20 skirts/dresses to find something that didn’t make me feel like a totally out-of-place loser. God bless the students who work in women’s clothing and ran around finding me outfits to try on while I explained that I don’t even know what size I am right now because I have 25 pounds of baby weight on me still. They were champs. And I’m pretty sure I scared them off from having children in the near future. (You’re welcome, mom and dad) Continue reading

Differences as a Returning Student

It’s 2a.m., I’m covered in barf, and I have a test tomorrow.

Mid-week sorority party?

More like everyday life as a student with a baby.

This is my second go-around at school. I finished my Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2011 and after a few years of soul-searching and re-evaluating life plans, I am now taking prerequisite courses in Communication Disorders so I can get into a Speech Pathology graduate program. I was a little nervous to go back to school, specifically because now I have a family. I knew it would be different–harder–but I could not have anticipated just how different it would be. Continue reading

Education Empowers

We all know that education is important. Sometimes, though, as we go through the tedium of homework, projects and tests, we forget that the things we learn have real application in our lives. How lucky we are when life reminds us how valuable our education really is!

Last semester I took Acoustics & Anatomy of Hearing. I haven’t always been that confident in my science comprehension skills, but I’ve found that I enjoy rehabilitation, which requires me to get confident in them. Every semester I have to give myself a “You’re not dumb” pep talk at some point in the semester. This class needed a few of those. Continue reading

We Need Women in Healthcare

So my daughter hates the doctor. I can’t blame her, we had to take her to the ER three times in her first 9 months of life. She had to get a catheter the first time, so I can understand her distaste. Even when she was a newborn in the hospital, she freaked out when her temperature was taken. Still does. Screams bloody murder when when a stethoscope gets near her. Which made me quite fascinated with her apparent love of the doctor toy set at grandma’s house over the holidays. Yes, child, please play with those so you hate them less the next time we go to the doctor.

Then my mama imagination took over and I wondered what she’d want to be when she grew up. Maybe she’d go to medical school, or become a nurse, or physical therapist, or something to make up for all the hell she causes at those offices. I’ve known a lot of people who have gone to med/PT/OT/nursing/dental/etc. school, so my first thought was, “Oh kiddo, those would all suck.” Continue reading

Time to Get Lazy!

People, friday was my last final and the last day of the semester at work. Which means it’s vacation time baby!! Wooh! We’re visiting family in Utah for 10 days and we get back the day before the New Year holiday begins at work, so I get a total of 17 days off of work. I am SO excited! Naturally, I channeled my inner Ace Ventura when I left work and my final that day.

Via Funny or Die

Yes, that is how I dance. Via Funny or Die

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Midterms Got You Down?

There were quite a few sad sophomores in my office over the last two weeks. Why? Because they had their first round of tests in their business courses. Tests for accounting, econ, and stats all in the same week. Many thought they went in knowing the material and were crushed when they saw their D’s. I have never taken accounting before, but I can guarantee I’d be in the D range on my first test. Continue reading