Friday Five

This post may contain affiliate links. That means at no extra cost to you, I may make a small commission on products ordered.

One of my secret dreams is to one day have a shop as part of this website. Full of things that promote strong women, of course! I want to share all the great things I find, my kids play with, and read with you all! Until that day comes, I’ll just have to share those things with you another way. I’ll be posting these Friday Five’s and include a little info about them and links to where to purchase them (if applicable) or where to read/watch the info if it’s an article or video.

Here’s your first edition of the Friday Five!

  1. This water table, guys. I’d never even heard of a water table until a couple of months ago when it got hot enough that daycare brought theirs out. I watched my daughter run to it and promptly soak herself and anyone who got near her. Knowing that once the baby came in June, we wouldn’t be going out much for a while, we bought one for our porch. I stay on the inside of the screen door to keep the baby out of the heat, toddler stays on the outside and splashes to her heart’s content. This was a great purchase for us and I love toys that let kids be active! You can also use sand or little balls in it if you don’t want water.
  2. Did you see on Instagram that I got my Passion Planner in the mail recently? I’m loving it so far and have been working on figuring out my short and long-term goals and mind-mapping the heck out of them. I have never really used a planner that way and I’m loving it so far. These things get high reviews and I can see why! Start effectively planning how to reach those big goals you have!
  3. Target for the win (again)! I really cannot tell you how much I love their Cat and Jack line, and especially this shirt. I wish they would make these in adult sizes too, because they are awesome! They have so many science shirts for girls. We have to be so careful what messages we allow our daughters to see and wear, and these are messages that I can support!
  4. and 5. Let me explain how much I legit love these two cookbooks: I checked out both of these from the library back in March and I just returned them–4 months later! I maxed out how many times I could renew them and was making meals from them every single week. I believe that part of being strong is making sure our bodies are healthy and strong too. These 100 Days of Real Food books help you nourish yourself and family and they are probably the most delicious meals I’ve ever made. The pulled pork–oh my! There’s the original book and a quick meals book, both are full of amazing food. Trust me, eat this stuff.






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