Motivate Me Monday: Working Helps us Parent Together

Some things just make me really grateful for my role as a working mom.

This morning as I was getting dressed, my daughter was playing in our closet. She started saying, “Hi Dad!” a few times, so I looked to see what she was doing. My husband had given her his old wallet to play with when he got a new  one. He put in some old cards and I.D.’s so she could play with them instead of ripping everything out of mine. There, sitting in our closet, was our almost two-year-old with the wallet open, staring at an I.D. with a picture of her daddy.

She kept repeating “Hi Dad!” over and over, with a big smile and some enthusiastic waving. Then she said, “I yuv you!” and hugged the wallet. It took all I had to not turn into a puddle of Britney mush.

My kid causes this a lot…Via Tenor

My heart was so grateful for the chance we have had for me to work while my husband has gone to school. It has been great for a lot of reasons, but especially so that my husband could have an opportunity to spend time with our daughter that he wouldn’t have had otherwise. Would it have been easier if we were both completely done with school before we had a kid? Absolutely. Cheaper, too. But, he wouldn’t have had the flexibility with his schedule that has allowed him to spend so much time with her. He has been able to stay home with her over the summers while I worked. He has had random holidays and other school breaks that he wouldn’t get working full-time. He has been able to see her development first-hand, not just through the camera or my stories. I’m sad that our future children won’t have quite the same experience with him that our first has had.

And then I think of how my working will allow him to be involved in all of their lives in the future. Even with me hopefully working part-time like I have been able to do so far, it will make a difference. He won’t have to work his full-time career and then pick up a second or third job to make ends meet. He can come home and play with our children. He can ask them about their days, have dinner with them, help them with their homework–and have more than 40 minutes to do it all in. They’ll know he’ll be there too.

Watching planes take off together. She loves spending time with him.

I feel so blessed to have the opportunities I’ve been given to truly have the best of both worlds. I get to work in a field I love, with perfect hours, AND it allows my husband to pursue his education and be part of raising his children in a way a lot of dad’s don’t get. There are many studies showing the importance of both parents in the nurturing and raising of their children, and I completely believe that. Parenthood is a team effort, and I want my husband to be able to enjoy the time he has raising his children without also having the entire financial burden. I’m proud that the skills and abilities I have developed help us parent together better. It’s not always easy, but it has 100% been worth every second.

And every little “I yuv you Daddy!” reminds me of that.

So. Many. Feelings. Via Tenor



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