Differences as a Returning Student

It’s 2a.m., I’m covered in barf, and I have a test tomorrow.

Mid-week sorority party?

More like everyday life as a student with a baby.

This is my second go-around at school. I finished my Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2011 and after a few years of soul-searching and re-evaluating life plans, I am now taking prerequisite courses in Communication Disorders so I can get into a Speech Pathology graduate program. I was a little nervous to go back to school, specifically because now I have a family. I knew it would be different–harder–but I could not have anticipated just how different it would be.


  1. Burning the candle at both ends is no longer a choice–there simply isn’t another option.
  2. All-nighters happen, but aren’t for studying. They’re for pleading with my child to sleep.
  3. Instead of thinking guys in class are hot, I think “Oh my gosh, I can tell you’ve never had a job in your life.”
  4. My “overeating on college-town food” food baby is now an actual baby growing in my stomach.
  5. My reason for being late to a group meeting is still because I had a date–but now it’s a date with a toddler freaking out because I had to change her diaper.
  6. I attend class in my pajamas because they are online. And I already married the hot guy from school, who is impressed that I even got out of my pajamas today. That’s a double whammy.
  7. I don’t blow off homework, I just have mom brain. It’s never intentional.
  8. I didn’t have a smart phone during my undergraduate degree. No funny comment, just let that sink in. It’s barely even an option to not have a smart phone anymore.
  9. I always felt like such a little kid in my classes. Now I feel so.dang.old.
I feel like this could be me. Via Know Your Meme

I feel like this could be me. Via Know Your Meme

Being in school again is crazy sometimes, but it has been so good for me. I love what I’m learning and feel focused on my goals in a way that didn’t happen the first time.

If you’re a returning student, what differences do you notice?

But some things never change.

But some things never change.



2 thoughts on “Differences as a Returning Student

  1. Tina says:

    Oh wow, kuddos to you. Only having to work on school can be a struggle. But doing all that while having a baby… Keep it going and good luck! 🙂


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