Education Empowers

We all know that education is important. Sometimes, though, as we go through the tedium of homework, projects and tests, we forget that the things we learn have real application in our lives. How lucky we are when life reminds us how valuable our education really is!

Last semester I took Acoustics & Anatomy of Hearing. I haven’t always been that confident in my science comprehension skills, but I’ve found that I enjoy rehabilitation, which requires me to get confident in them. Every semester I have to give myself a “You’re not dumb” pep talk at some point in the semester. This class needed a few of those. It was challenging, but super interesting, much more enjoyable than I thought it would be, and I learned a lot.

Coincidentally, my daughter got three ear infections last semester, too. I felt pretty smart in the doctor appointments because I knew what they were talking about when they explained that since she was so young, her eustachian tube was shorter and made her more susceptible to ear infections. Yeah, Doc, my professor taught me that. Booya.


The horizontal Eustachian tube is the bane of my existence. Via Natural Healthy Concepts

Unfortunately, my daughter keeps getting this freaking viral infection, that in turn causes her ear infections. It’s extremely frustrating to have her only feel healthy for a couple of weeks before it starts over again. She got hit with it again and we had a week of barf, diarrhea (so.much.diarrhea), and the inevitable ear infection. As I talked to the doctor, she asked if we had ever brought her back after the antibiotics round to see if the infection had cleared up. I said no, and she recommended we try a little stronger one and come back in two weeks to check. If not, she said that we may need to look at having PE tubes put in.

Normally, I would have come home and googled what PE tubes were and seen that it was a small surgery where my baby would have to be put under anesthesia while they made a small incision in her eardrum to insert a tiny tube to drain the fluid. And then I would’ve stressed out big time. Thankfully, the last chapter in my Acoustics class talked about disorders and diseases of the ear. We talked about PE tubes, how well they work, and went through the process of how they’re inserted. Though the thought of anesthesia will always make me nervous, I’m not nervous about the procedure or that it’ll mean she’s going to go deaf or anything. If that’s what needs to happen for her to be healthy, I will be comfortable moving forward.

That’s an amazing power of education–it removes fear. The more we know and learn, the more we feel empowered to act and the less helpless we feel about what happens in our own life. I love feeling capable. I love feeling confident. I love feeling fearless. That is reason enough for me to never stop learning.



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