Time to Get Lazy!

People, friday was my last final and the last day of the semester at work. Which means it’s vacation time baby!! Wooh! We’re visiting family in Utah for 10 days and we get back the day before the New Year holiday begins at work, so I get a total of 17 days off of work. I am SO excited! Naturally, I channeled my inner Ace Ventura when I left work and my final that day.

Via Funny or Die

Yes, that is how I dance. Via Funny or Die

This semester ended up being super hard. My classes were really quite interesting. I liked Acoustics & Anatomy of the Ear way more than I thought I would. There were just a few bigger stressful things that contributed it to being a toughie.

Time: Both of my classes required a lot of work and once I started working extra in October, it cut out almost 2 hours of much-needed study time every day. I always felt behind in everything. School, work, church, my family–I felt like a major slacker.

Sick kiddo: Daycare has been pretty fun for my daughter and a huge blessing for us in several ways, but holy hannah that place is a germ factory. There is a viral infection that has been passed around that place for two freaking months. Little mama is on round 2 of it and geeeez it sucks.

Morning sickness glory: So, big news at our place–I’m pregnant! I found out in October and we’ll expect this new little demon in June. Unlike my daughter, who was the easiest pregnancy ever, this kid is already trying to kill me. The nausea has finally subsided (unless I eat Cheerios), but it was a loong trimester.


Me with (all-day) morning sickness. Minus doing my hair. Via Storify

Individually, those things wouldn’t have been so bad, but combined and with the rest of life–woof.  With everything going on, I didn’t end up with the grades I had hoped for. I really wanted all A’s in this program, but I got a B and B+ in these two. Definitely not bad grades, just not what I wanted. All things considered, though, I’m satisfied enough. I’m just glad I didn’t get C’s. Perspective, right?

So now that I have 17 glorious days to spend with my family, these are the plans:

  1. Watch a billion Christmas movies. Currently watching The Grinch with my hunk-of-burning-Who while the baby sleeps.
  2. Cry while listening to Christmas songs. I’ll blame it on pregnancy hormones. And that darn Faith Hill.
  3. I’m going to play with my daughter and make some great memories.
  4. Not study a freaking thing.
  5. Get some exercise. Morning sickness + sick baby that keeps us up all night = I’ve worked out maybe 10 times this whole semester. Pretty sure I already look 6 month pregnant.
  6. Eat some delicious Utah food. I’m talking about you, JCW’s, J-Dawgs, Bangkok Grill, and Zupas. I’ve missed you. I’m going to get so fat.
  7. Hopefully spend a good chunk of time writing. I’ve also missed that.
  8. Go play in the snow. But maybe wait until Utah because it’s 12 degrees outside and homey don’t play that.

No he don’t. Via Memes.com

I plan on loving the crap out of this vacation. Then I’ll take a deep, wheezy, pregnant-lady breath and suck it up for next semester. I hope that no matter what your past few months have been like, that you enjoy the holidays and any time off you get! You deserve it!

Via Popsugar

I’m just about at this excitement level! Via Popsugar



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