It really has been a long time since I’ve blogged consistently. We’ve dealt with a lot the last couple of months. Baby got pretty sick mid-October, so I stayed home from work and she literally laid on me for 5 days straight. Then there was Halloween, I worked extra every day for 6 weeks (kill me), all three of us got sick, I avoided the internet in general for a week because the election was making me hate everyone, a couple of us got sick again, Thanksgiving, my husband’s first round of clinicals, my daughter went through a big developmental stage and wouldn’t freaking sleep for 5 weeks, and a whole ton of homework for the both of us. I’ve never looked forward to the end of a semester as much as this one! Okay, well, maybe my final semester of undergrad I did because I was getting married three weeks after graduation. But other than that–this one wins the “let’s get this over with already” award.

My response to one of my husband's texts checking up on us during our sick week.

My response to one of my husband’s texts checking up on us during our sick week.

I’ve actually thought about the blog quite a bit over the last two months. I slightly felt bad for neglecting it, but then I remembered it is never my first priority. BOOM, I said it! Actually, remembering my priorities does wonders for when I’m stressed out. Let’s look at some of my priorities, that are probably pretty similar to a lot of people:



If you’ll notice, I didn’t number them. Why? Because they change. It doesn’t mean they become less important to me, but they each have times when they are more urgent than others. It’s a pretty safe bet to say that my husband & daughter are always number one, but even then, sometimes I have to study at night rather than hang out with my husband after the baby goes to sleep. Or like when I got sick the day before Thanksgiving and went to bed at 8p.m. instead of starting some food or cleaning. Or when I don’t study on Wednesday nights because I have a commitment to the church youth group then. And my favorite since mid-October is telling the sophomores I advise that no, I will not be extending my hours any longer than I already have because I’m not leaving my daughter at daycare even longer because you didn’t plan ahead. (FYI, that’s not really my favorite. It has been super aggravating. Especially when their mom calls me after that. Down with helicopter parenting!)


Anywho, back to my point. Life is stressful. We all have a lot going on. The holidays can make it even crazier, which is sad, because this should be the time we slow things down and really enjoy our blessings. When things are feeling extra crazy, try to think of which things are the most urgently important and focus on those for now.

Did missing 5 days of work so I could lay on the couch with my sick baby mean that I had a whole lot of work to make up later? Yes, and it sucked. But I am so glad that I got to stay home. It was a nasty virus, and I’m so grateful I got to help her through it. The only time I thought about work was to text my coworker that I still wouldn’t be coming in. Since then, work has been busy and I haven’t had as much time to play and I hated that. But, now my hours are back to part-time and I’ll get to take off 17 days straight in a couple of weeks.

Remembering priorities helps us get through things. Allow yourself to not stress about the others that aren’t currently #1–they’ll have their turn.

And let’s all give a little hallelujah for the end of the semester!


Thanks Howard! Via Vomzi


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