Midterms Got You Down?

There were quite a few sad sophomores in my office over the last two weeks. Why? Because they had their first round of tests in their business courses. Tests for accounting, econ, and stats all in the same week. Many thought they went in knowing the material and were crushed when they saw their D’s. I have never taken accounting before, but I can guarantee I’d be in the D range on my first test.

I also had my first tests of the semester three weeks ago and it wasn’t pretty. No D’s, thank heavens, but I barely got 80% on each of them–with extra credit. {FYI, super proud of that extra credit. It was a riddle that I couldn’t figure out, but came up with a funny answer that I got credit for. Let’s hear it for teachers that appreciate how weird I am.} My Acoustics test was just hard and my Assessment test covered a TON of material.

If I’m being completely honest, the biggest reason that I didn’t do great was that I didn’t put in the time. Ahh I hate when it’s my fault. I was pretty disappointed in myself, but knew I had to make some changes if I want to be successful this semester.


Or just plan better!  Via Meme Generator

First, I reviewed the goals I set at the start of the semester to see how my follow through was going. I for sure wasn’t using my planner much. I just bought a new purse to replace using my diaper bag (total mom) and I made sure I got one big enough to hold my planner, so now I take it everywhere. I try to put everything in there, including my drive time. It has actually helped quite a bit these past two weeks. I feel like I’m much more aware of my time and what I need to accomplish. Because I’m writing things down, I am remembering them even if I forget to look at it again. Who knew that everything everyone had ever taught about planner usage was right?


#PlannerGoals via Vitamin Ha

Once I started using my planner more effectively, I started finding gaps in my schedule where I could study. Two hours a night wasn’t cutting it. That may have been enough for one class, but not for two. We realized that I get off work at 1p.m. and pick up my daughter afterwards, but she is usually asleep when I get there until 2 or 2:30. So rather than have me sit around talking to the daycare employees, I stay at work and study for an hour before I get her. This time has been spent reading my textbooks, which generally wasn’t happening before. It’s a lot of reading, but it is helping!

The third thing I am doing is listening to my lectures in the car on the way to work. Since my prereqs are online and USU is great with their online courses, the lectures are available to download to my iPod. My drive is about 15-20 minutes, so I can listen to a good chunk of a lecture on the way to work. I listen to my lectures a couple of times while writing notes, but hearing it again without taking notes is helpful. The more exposure, the better.

Since the time I took my first tests of the semester, I feel like I have improved my studying a lot in ways that matter. I think change is the constant lesson we have to learn while we navigate school. If things aren’t working out, we adjust. If that doesn’t work, change again. If it does work, keep making adjustments to help you improve even more. Take a little time to evaluate what you’re doing, what’s working, and what’s not. There’s still time to improve! Don’t let a disappointing grade determine your whole semester. Our lives aren’t meant to be stagnant, so our learning can’t be either.


More studying = greater odds Via OnSizzle




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