More Than A Statistic

Who here really didn’t like her statistics class?

Via Tenor

Via Tenor

My first semester of stats was coincidentally my first semester at the university I transferred to and it was the first time I’d had 8a.m. classes. So at least two out of the three days I had that class, I came in late, walked straight to the back row, sat down next to one of the football players, and we both fell asleep for half the class. We tried to study together once and turns out that at least one of you should understand the material in order to be productive. Who knew? I ended up getting a decent grade somehow, then switched my major and had to take stats from that department. I’ll have to take it in grad school, too. Boo.

As obnoxious as taking the class was, I do think what we learn from stats is fascinating. Have you ever read Freakonomics? Looove it! It takes two subjects I hated studying (the other being Economics) and makes them cool and understandable. Read it, you’ll love it.

Anyways, back to the fascinating part. This week we learned that our daughter is in the 85th percentile for weight and 98th percentile for height. So statistically speaking, she’s an Amazon. Stats can tell us about our health, grades, and lots of things about our current situations–but have you ever wondered what statistics have to say about your future?

Based on my life experiences and things my family has gone through, these are some statistics that were projected for my life:


I tried to make it pretty so it seemed less depressing

That’s super fun to look at–especially as a teenager. The stats related to divorced homes were the concerns from when I was younger, but I had a hard time finding more recent ones. Things may have changed since then, but that was the expectation for us delinquent broken-home kids. We were doomed to be depressed, knocked up, and never amount to anything. If you add any sexual trauma in there, you were probably going to be a crackhead. Kind of intense, right?

Well, I echo my thoughts towards college statistics classes: screw that.

Via Giphy

Via Giphy

I can’t downplay the impact negative experiences have in our lives–statistics show real issues. Some other statistics are very much part of my life. I just want you to know that you don’t have to be part of every statistic. Whatever you have experienced, you can learn from and move forward with life. If you got pregnant in high school, you can still accomplish your goals. If you were abused, you can still be happy. If you flunked out of college, you can still make a difference. Our struggles do play a role in shaping us, but they aren’t the only things that do. It takes conscious decisions and surrounding your life with good influences, but you are more than a number in some study by some person who doesn’t know you.

Some of those statistics were hard to work through and some I still struggle with, but not all or even a majority of them. I have never done drugs. Didn’t become a pregnant teenage runaway. Graduated college despite sleeping through some classes. Have had some pretty sweet jobs. Married the kind of person I wanted for my life. Making plans. Living a great life. Proud of who I am.

I mentioned before that I had a hard time finding recent scary divorce statistics. I hope the reason is that people decided their predicted future was unacceptable and made the life they wanted. And I hope you do, too.



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