Puke: the Reason for my Livelihood

Before I had kids, I never would have believed how much of my life would end up being spent discussing or cleaning up various bodily fluids. I vetoed a medical career chiefly because of that reason. The second reason was my lack of skills in that area, but that’s beside the point. Even after pregnancy, I’ve still only thrown up twice since I was 12. Basically I can’t handle it when I see it. So, you know, reallly good candidate for mommy right here.

Mercifully, my baby didn’t spit up much as an infant or now that she’s a toddler. But you better believe when she does, it’s when we’re not at home and there’s tons of it. Like a few days ago when we had just pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot and she started puking. I won’t gross you out with the chunky details, but it’ll be a while before we have broccoli cheddar soup again.

My husband cleaned up her barf, I gagged through changing her clothes, later we figured out how to take apart the dang car seat so we could wash the nasty smells out of it, and then we Febreezed the heck out of the car. I texted one of my friends about it and she said, “Just throw it out and buy a new one.” Unfortunately car seats are too expensive, but that’s exactly where my heart was. Which brought me to this:

Reason #14Why I Need to Work

Though the car seat wasn’t dispensable, there are many things we’ve had to throw away because they’ve been too pooped on. The day she threw up, she had to wear FIVE different outfits–all due to bodily fluid mishaps. No joke, we need a two-parent income just to pay for damages! As nasty as it is, I feel good knowing I can provide for my family when things need to be replaced. True story: once when I was a single poor college student, I stapled my shoes to keep the sole together for a while until I had enough money to replace them. I’m a big believer in using things until they’re worn out, but she can save that experience for when she’s on her own and learning how to manage her money. It’ll be good for her then. For now, though, at least we won’t have to staple her clothes back together.

modern family poop

Our car this week. Via themetapicture.com

[Side note, thank heaven for wet bags! These things are a dream and not just for the cloth diaperers among us. I have one in my diaper bag at all times. We don’t have a lot of accidents, but they happen. You can keep the soiled clothes in the wet bag until you get home and it won’t stank your car or diaper bag up. Glorious. The company I bought from must’ve gone out of business or something because I can only find a couple of that brand for $90 and there’s no way I’d ever pay that. No baby needs designer priced poop bags. You can find others like this one on Amazon. One of our best purchases and it was under $20!]



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