Learning is Natural

Big things happening at our house.

I was standing in the kitchen, talking to my husband who was laying down with the baby sitting up next to him. Mid-conversation she just decides to stand up! On her own. For the first time. And we were both there for it.

So that may not seem like big things to others, but this mama was like

But about her, of course. You guys, it was so cool to see. We didn’t even do anything to elicit that, she just did it. She was so freaking proud of herself afterwards. Or she was beaming and laughing because I was squealing. I think it was more the proud of herself thing.

As I watch her grow and meet new milestones, I frequently think, “How the heck does she know how to do that?” There are so many things she does that nobody taught her. That’s just a baby thing. Unless there is an issue of some kind, pretty much on their own they learn to latch on the nipple, suck, smile, laugh, grasp things, start babbling, pinch super hard, roll over, sit up, crawl, stand, walk along the ottoman and so many other things. We didn’t sit down with her and demonstrate how to roll over–she just learned how on her own. It’s pretty incredible to see her contemplating how to do something and then go for it.

It’s pretty great that learning really is such a natural thing. I believe everyone possesses an innate desire to learn, whether it for academic endeavors or learning a new skill. Learning can seem scary though. What if we try to learn something new and it’s harder than we thought? What if you do your very best, but tank? What if it is completely new and you’re too nervous to try?

A great way to not learn is to never try in the first place. Unless you’re trying to teach yourself to be afraid of everything hard. For some reason I have always been scared of science-y topics. I’m not particularly bad at them, but I’ve realized that I was too scared of them to try hard and see how good I could be. Probably goes back to that not wanting to tank thing. This semester I am taking Anatomy & Physiology for Communication Disorders and I really want to do well for grad school. I am happy to report that I am! My husband is in health care and it is fun to be able to talk to him about physiology stuff and actually understand. Every chapter makes me more excited for the next. If you’re interested in the science behind learning and skills to help you learn, I really liked this article. Learning is natural, but I have found that understanding the mechanics of things helps me too.

Knowing that we are natural learners is reassuring to me. My kid falls a lot. A lot. I didn’t pass on much grace in her DNA. It’s somewhat terrifying, but she is always back climbing on whatever she fell off of within the hour. Or ten minutes. Then she masters the skill and moves on to the next. Maybe we don’t have quite the fearlessness that we had as babies, but we can regain that confidence in ourselves. It takes a willingness to go for it and to try again when we fall. So take that class or workshop, learn something new, and happy falling!

happy falling, folks

I bet she laughs about this now.


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