Motivate Me Monday: I Owe Them

Since people tend to hate Mondays for some reason, it’s nice to start off the week feeling motivated. Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always legit.


In December I started a job working as a high school assistant secretary. It’s part-time and I pretty much just write passes for a couple of hours a day. Nice and not stressful for the most part. Our office is in the same area as all of the administrators and school counselors, so all the kids that get in trouble end up walking by me. Holy hormonal teenagers. I kind of oscillate between wanting to tell them to grow up and wanting to give them a big hug and let them know people do love them.

The other day I came in and within a couple of minutes noticed that there was a teenage boy sitting alone in one of the assistant principals’ offices right across for me. Generally that’s where the kids in trouble go. He was very agitated as he spoke on the phone with what seemed to be an older brother that he doesn’t see much. He kept saying that he doesn’t what he’s been going through, that he has no idea what his grandma is doing with the money that is supposed to go to them, and that he has been having to pay for everything. He told him that he’s been buying all of the school supplies because he needs them and paying for all of his clothes.

Now, I started babysitting when I was 12 and have worked ever since, so generally I don’t want to hear it when teenagers talk about having to buy stuff. I’m a big fan of learning responsibility at a young age. That being said, I don’t think minors should be required to provide for themselves. Their jobs are to be kids, not mini-adults. There is a big difference between taking on responsibility and being a mini-adult, and as smart and resourceful as some kids are–it’s not their responsibility. That’s the adults’ job. I understand extreme circumstances, but that’s not what I’m talking about. There are too many kids working too many jobs to have money for things that their parents should be providing. Too many teenagers living in group homes because their parents can’t get their crap together and be adults. Too many kids being forced into adulthood before they’re taught how to be a successful one. It’s heartbreaking to see my tiny portion of this every day. Let them be kids and teenagers and learn at an appropriate pace and emotional level!

Kid's shouldn't have to feel this way, right?

Kid’s shouldn’t have to feel this way, right?

So that’s my Motivate Me Monday for today. I owe it to my kids to be the grown-up, do well in school and get a sweet career (aka get my crap together) so they can be kids, develop how and when they should, and have a better chance at success of their own.



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