Remembering Yourself

I went to a dance party last night.

In my kitchen.


Ok, I danced in my kitchen to the All-American Rejects Pandora station and revelled in Junior High/High School glory while my husband took the baby to the store with him.

But it kind of felt like a dance party. And it felt goood. Which led me to wonder two things:

When the heck did I stop listening to music and when did I stop dancing like a goober?

The answer? Oh yeah, when I had a baby and went back to school.

Still, It’s crazy to me. I love music. I’ve been playing piano since I was five and I never play anymore. And I love dancing. Dancing badly, if we’re getting technical, because I don’t know how to dance any other way. No joke, I was a camp counselor for a couple of summers and the funnest part of my job was getting paid to dance like an idiot so the teenagers felt more comfortable dancing. Please and thank you!

Honestly, though, having new roles in life really messes with your mojo. I don’t necessarily mean the Austin Powers type of mojo, though I suppose that is true too. I mean the things in your life that make you who you are.


Though we get busy with important and new priorities, it is also vital that we keep our souls alive too! Here’s why:

De-stress. The things we love to do help us unwind from the stress of responsibility. I’m not going to leave my baby to go clubbing, but dancing around the house releases the same feel-good hormones. You deserve to relax. It’s good for you and it’s good for those who have to be around you. But it’s mostly for you.

Keeps perspective where you want it. Remember how Scrooge forgot about loving life and his fiancée because he was so consumed with his career goals? Then remember how he became a big jerk because of that? He started out with such good aspirations, but they became his only view and wasted so much of his life. When we let ourselves take a step back, we remember why we’re working so hard. Oh yeah, part of why I’m focusing on school is so I can be a better mom. Ignoring my family all day so I can do homework probably isn’t helping me reach that goal. That Charles Dickens knew what he was talking about.

Good one Charles

Good one Charles

Because you’re human and you can do fun stuff too! This is a big one to me. We don’t have to justify having a life/hobby/interests outside of having kids, making dinner or working. We can make time for the things we love to do and it’s okay. I don’t think it makes you any less of a person/wife/mama/employee/whatever when you make you-time a priority.

So you don’t lose yourself. I really hope that you like the person you are. It took me a few years to like myself and I’m happy that I really do. Personally, I think I’m pretty funny. For most people it probably does take a little time for us to appreciate who we are and after all that work why would you want to forget that girl? Make time doing the things that make you wonderful, quirky, happy, and all the other adjectives you like about yourself. Of course you’ll keep growing and changing because that’s what reaching goals does to us, but there will always be things about you to keep.

So as you’re working your tail off in school, at work, with your family, and all the other things you do, take a little time off to do something that makes you happy. I’ll just be over here making my kid give me weird looks with my Napoleon Dynamite-esque dance moves.


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