Product Review: Suspend!


Let the nerdliness commence! The game isn’t nerdy, though, I am.

I really love games. Ok, I REALLY love puzzles, but games come close! Especially games that are like a puzzle of sorts. I think I have addict tendencies when it comes to puzzles and puzzle-like games.  For instance, this game Suspend by Melissa and Doug.

We were introduced to this game at a friend’s house on New Years a year or two ago. It feels like a way funner Jenga. Up to four people can play, and everyone has a set of sticks of varying lengths that you try to balance. Really simple, but it takes a lot of critical thinking. The balance shifts every time a new piece is added, so you have to think it through and anticipate what will happen from your move. I loved this! I think I could have sat there for a couple of hours playing before wanting a break.

I like this game for adults and for kids because it does make your brain work. I’m all for games and toys for the pure sake of having fun, but I also appreciate when they help you develop some skills. I think this brings both. The company recommends for ages 8 and up, which I would agree with. I think 8 year old’s would have fun and it wouldn’t be too long before they really started to come up with some good moves and understand how things work. There are different versions to play of the game so adults can make it even more challenging for themselves. All in all, I call it a win!

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