Semester Wrap-up

Whew, I survived!


As excited as I was to go back to school for something I’m really looking forward to pursuing, I was still nervous to go back. New state + new baby + new degree/career path = how am I going to do this? And I only took two classes!

It was hard to get in all the studying I wanted while taking care of the bebe and trying to maintain a relationship with my husband, who is also in school. My first test was not great. Not terrible, but nowhere near my goal to help me get into grad school later on. Fortunately, I got a better handle on things as I moved along and ended up with the grades I wanted. Also, I LOVED my classes, which keeps me encouraged for the rest of the program.

Now that the semester is over, I have a few realizations and goals for next semester.


  1. Sleep is still the greatest thing in the world. Even if my baby doesn’t agree.
  2. If this and grad school later on are going to work, then I have to schedule my time better.
  3. All work and no play eventually just ends up being no work and no play. I need a little time to unwind.
  4. Exercise really makes life more manageable.
  5. I’m still smart! (I was a little worried)

Goals for next semester

  1. Have a weekly planning session, even if it’s just five minutes to review what I have for the upcoming week.
  2. Keep reading books for fun during my nightly pumping. It has been so relaxing and helps me feel like me again. I’m finally almost done with the Harry Potter series. I know, that was so fifteen years ago.
  3. Get an A in my Anatomy for Speech and Hearing class. I want A’s in all my classes, but I’m determined to do well in my more “science-y” classes. Just because I was scared of them in my first degree.

All in all, I’d say it was a successful semester. Setting new goals doesn’t mean you’ve been screwing up, it means that you’re aware enough to recognize your opportunities for success. As you enjoy your holidays and no school, take some time to evaluate and plan for your next great semester.


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