Education Mavens!

It has been a rough couple of weeks.

Back to full-time work. Mastitis. Unpleasant side-effects of antibiotics to help with said horrendous mastitis. I think my baby has thrush now. All of these leads to very low milk supply, which leads to sad baby and mom. Then the husband has to keep telling me I’m not a loser for having to use formula because I’m beating myself up over it. Poor guy.

It has been a doozy.

sleep in

For real.

Which has made me realize yet again how wonderful women are. Did you ever read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell? It’s a great book for several reasons, but one of the things that has always stuck with me is the concept of mavens. A maven is an information gatherer and disseminator. Mavens just can’t refrain from giving out information. This isn’t your backseat driver, unsolicited advice type of information–this is stuff you want to know.

I’ve decided that (in a  gross overgeneralization) women are mavens. I talked to a lot of ladies about mastitis, thrush, increasing milk production and other weird stuff that happens to our bodies after we have babies. There are certain ladies I go to with certain types of questions because I feel like they’re my experts in that area. You know your people. It is amazing how willing they are to help and how comforting it is to know they are there.

When it comes to education and careers, do women actively seek out mavens? I wonder what the ratio is of cooking blogs to women’s career blogs? Don’t get me wrong, I freaking love food blogs. The Budget Bytes blog pretty much taught me how to cook with spices and herbs and it’s changed our grocery bill. This is our favorite recipe from there in case you’re interested, you won’t regret it. Tangent, I know.

My point is, are we as invested in our education and work as we are in food? Or whatever else you research a lot–I look up a lot of food. Do you have people in your life that you go to with questions about school and work? Look at the women around you. Who are the ones doing what they love? Go talk to them! I found out that a girl at my church does what I’m going back to school for and went up and asked her about it. Seeing her eyes light up and listening to her gush about how much she loves her career got me excited all over again to start my classes. There are women in my office that I’ve spoken with about their childcare situations and how they balanced going back to school with kids at home. My oldest sister is one of my go-to women when I need someone to listen to my plans.

If you don’t know who these women are in your life then start talking! Pay attention to what they do for work or what they studied. Ask those who are currently in school about what they’re learning. When they talk to you, pay attention and ask more questions. Learn all you can from the women in your life, you have a wealth of knowledge right in front of you. In the words of that voice in Field of Dreams, “If you ask, they will talk.” That’s the line, right? You will be amazed at how willing these women are to share with you, both their triumphs and trials. People love to help others succeed, so go ahead and let them!

This feels a bit scattered, but my brain feels that way most of the time lately. New mom brain is real. Here is what I hope came across from this:

  1. Women are awesome.
  2. Mavens are a godsend.
  3. Find your career and education mavens in your life.
  4. Open your mouth and talk to them.
field of dreams

Follow Kevin’s example and just do it.

Also, let me know if you want more recipe recommendations. I’m a big fan of food and love to share.


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