Why Guitars Belong in College

It was a bittersweet morning at my house today.

I sold my guitar.

It felt a little like this:

As much as I hate the thought of not having any instrument in my home, it was time to say goodbye. I realized I couldn’t remember my guitar’s name anymore and knew he needed a new home and someone to play him.

I’m definitely filled with some college nostalgia today. I got the guitar my junior year of high school, but it was most used during college. That thing is responsible for a lot of memories, so I thought I’d share some with you.


1. Guitars make friends! People love guitars and there are a lot of them around in college. There were dozens of times that my apartment was filled with people singing around some random person playing guitar. I had several conversations include the phrase, “Oh yeah, I know that guy, he came over and played my guitar one night.” Which goes hand-in-hand with…

2. Cheap entertainment! My friends threw “open mic” nights in backyards where people did all sorts of things (ex: a surprising amount of haiku), including playing guitar. I also had a karaoke machine that would record, so anytime someone new came to the house I lived in during freshman year, we would make them record something. There were jokes and impersonations, but the vast majority would sing a song on the guitar.

3. Guitars pick up chicks. Or at least try to, and that’s entertaining. Actually, they pretty much pick up anyone, but I was consistently picked up by my own guitar. Because I wasn’t ever very skilled, it was frequently played by other people, including my dates. Several times I was wooed by a boy playing my guitar and singing me a song. Skill didn’t really matter, fyi. I also have a fond memory of an awkward date around a bonfire in the mountains where everyone was belting out Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” being played on the guitar while I avoided my date’s attempts to keep me warm. Although I had no plans to settle down too young, guitars added a fun element to dating.

4. You can’t deny the effects of music on intelligence. Since you’re in college–or going to be–you need all the help and improvement you can get. Check out this article from Psychology Today and look at his links to other articles at the bottom, they were very interesting. I absolutely agree that music helps strengthen your executive function processes, Learning how to play an instrument and read sheet music includes a fair share of problem solving. I’ve seen it in my own life. No wonder Einstein was a genius.

I could talk for quite a while about funny memories with my guitar, but I’ll spare you all from me turning into a grandma at 28 and telling stories forever. Seriously though, if you don’t have a guitar and won’t have one anytime soon, convince a roommate to get one, or at least finding out who in the nearby apartments has one and become friends. It’ll be worth it. I know of at least one high school kid who just made a wise decision today.

Goodbye guitar. I’m sorry I forgot your name, but keep the legacy of being a date-magnet alive!



Also, let’s give a hand to human goodness. I dropped the money I received for the guitar on my way back to my apartment and didn’t realize it until about five hours later. As I retraced my steps I thought, “well, I hope whoever found it really needed it.” I ended up back at my complex office and someone had turned it in! You better believe that lady is getting cookies! Moral of the story: guitars are good, but being a good person is even better.



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