4 Important Lessons for a First-Time Boss

My first big kid job out of college was in a department on campus I had worked as a student. My former boss had too much on his plate, so they divided his responsibilities and hired me. It was an interesting dynamic, but he was great and I learned a heck of a lot from that job. It was a strong foundation for where my career has taken me since.

That being said, holy Hannah was I green! I had several “lead supervisor” and “head ____” positions before, but nothing with the type of responsibilities that come in a position where you can give raises and fire people. Though I left that position five years ago, I have frequently reflected on what it taught me. There were lots, like “Make sure you check that your volunteers don’t have a criminal record” and “Don’t hire someone you wouldn’t hire if you had other options,” which were fun, but I want to share some of the most valuable things I learned as a first-time boss.

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Monday High Five, week 11

Because I don’t drink, I’ve never had a hangover, but I’m having what I’ll call a wedding hangover. Tired, headache, throat hurts, and I’m achy.

Okay, that may just sound like I’m sick, but I’m blaming it on my sister’s wedding and three days with eight of my nine siblings, plus their kids and my mom in town, which caused very little sleep and way too much eating out and sugar. I woke up Sunday and immediately went to the kitchen to chug an Emergen-C.

I feel like I’m 60 years old, but it was still a pretty great week. If you’re new around here, every other Monday I highlight some of the great things that happened in the previous two weeks to keep me motivated for all of the good to come.

In their eyes, weddings=swimming in the fountain.

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Super Easy Freezer Breakfast Burrito

My typical weekday morning: Wake up at 5am, thirty minute workout, shower, hop out of the shower, and one or both of my kids wakes up before I can even put some clothes on.

And thus begins the mad dash to get us all ready and out of the house. Preferably without the girls hurting each other. Who’s with me?

It’s a frenzy no matter how prepared I am the night before, because #kids. Now that they are back in daycare, I have zero time to make breakfast in the morning.

I refuse to not eat breakfast, though. My thyroid demands frequent eating, I get hangry without it, and I just liked food.

So for the past few months I have been making freezer breakfasts and now I take them to work with me and eat while I check my email. It’s one less thing to do while rushing around in the morning. Continue reading

Monday High Five, week 10

The word I would use to describe my life right now is content. I am so peacefully happy with how things are right now. There will always be challenges, but there will be so many good things too. Like even though I didn’t get a chance to press “publish” on this bad boy yesterday, it was still a great day and who doesn’t want good vibes, even if it is on a Tuesday instead of a Monday? Here’s this week’s round of the Monday High Five:


My husband and I went on a date.

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Start your movement

Did you ever see the TED talk about how to start a movement? It’s one of my favorites. Check it out real quick:

It’s totally like this, lone nut and all. It’s not necessarily difficult, but it can be tricky.

Like most people, I can be pretty passionate about the things I care for. There are a lot of movements I’d love to see take off like this that have a little more far-reaching effects than dancing at a concert. Continue reading

Yes, Jesus wants you to get an education

A few days ago a blog post went viral, and not because it was good. I’m not going to link to it because she has already gotten enough attention over it and it’ll probably just make you as annoyed as I was.

In a nutshell, she said that God doesn’t want women to get an education because 1) men don’t want to marry a woman with debt, 2) men don’t want to have babies with educated feminist heathens who haven’t been taught they’re subservient to their husbands, or 3) they will delay having babies or not have enough babies because they’ll work and if you don’t have 8 kids are you even a woman? Also, if you’re not a tattooless virgin, you suck.

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Monday High Five, week 9

It’s that time for a Monday High Five! Mama tears, contentment, and a bit of rage were some of the highlights of a great couple of weeks.

Get some #mondaymotivation with gratitude and a high five for all of the good things that happened last week!


Last week on my Instagram stories I whined about how hard my kids had been that morning. And they had, it was rough. They were angels the next morning, and that night my little brother was in the hospital with the beginnings of a seizure. He has epilepsy, but it has been many years since he had one. My sister recognized that he was acting how he does before they come, so she took him to the ER. The next morning, I was driving the kids to daycare and had to pray with them while I drove because we were late. I prayed that he would feel better and after I finished, I told her that her uncle was in the hospital: Continue reading